Join us for this special one-day event, commemorating the American Revolution “Battle of Bound Brook” of 1777.  We are condensing this annual event this year, to offer a family-friendly, exciting, and historic program, under New Jersey and local COVID guidelines.

The annual Battle of Bound Brook event, launched in 2001, is focused on the American Revolution during the timeframe of the Battle of Bound Brook and the American army’s activity in the area of Middlebrook in the years 1777-79.

The day’s activities will include free outside activities on the grounds, as well as limited tours of the historic, c. 1740, Abraham Staats House, General Baron von Steuben’s headquarters during the American Revolution – for $5 a person.

Please note: Admission to the grounds may be limited; subject to current New Jersey/local COVID outdoor-gathering guidelines. COVID guidelines will apply, face masks required, social distancing, temperature will be taken prior to entry, sign ins required.

For more information about the event, please go to our Battle of  Bound Brook page: