Fiends of Abraham Staats House, (FASH) officers Kathy Ormosi, Kathy Faulks and Tom Harabin were present on Tuesday, March 26, 2024 at the Somerset County Commissioners’ Meeting for Ceremonial check presentations to recipients of the 2024 County History Partnership Program (CHPP)  and Local Arts Program (LAP) grants.   FASH received a CHPP grant of $11,946 to help fund general operating expenses, including new interpretive signage, and a $1200 LAP grant, to support performers and a followup MP4 in our Dutch Music program this March 23. 

Photos – Back row, Somerset County Board of Commissioners, left to right: Commissioner Douglas Singleterry, Commissioner Sara Soy; Director Shanel Y. Robinson;  Commissioner Melonie Marano, Commissioner  Paul Drake.

Foreground:  Cultural & Heritage Commission (C&HC) Manager Kaitlin Bundy, FASH Treasurer Tom Harabin, FASH Corresponding Sec. Kathy Faulks, FASH President Kathy Ormosi; C&HC Program Coordinator Katherine Himics, C&HC Administrative Coordinator  Robert Meyer.