National Park Service Passport Cancellations are available at the Abraham Staats House.

Passport to Your National Parks

Are you an owner of a National Park Service Passport Book and a collector of the various cancellation stamps? At the Abraham Staats House we have four stamps for your collection. The cancellations feature the name of the park along the top and a special designation or event on the bottom. In the middle of the stamp you can get a personalized cancellation with the date of your visit.

Crossroads of the American Revolution NHA - Abraham Staats House - Passbook Stamp“Crossroads of the American Revolution NHA”:
As a site within this National Heritage Area, we have the three cancellation stamps under this banner.

  • One with designation for our state “New Jersey”, (not shown)
  • One with the designation for our historic house “Abraham Staats House c. 1740 SBB NJ: – This denotes that the house was built around 1740 at a location that is within the Borough of South Bound Brook, NJ, and
  • One for a special event we sponsor “Battle of Bound Brook Reenactment” which commemorates the Battle of Bound Brook that was fought on April 13, 1777 during the American Revolution.

Passport to Your National Parks logo“Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route NHT: This National Historic Trail maps the routes taken by the American and French armies that led to the siege and surrender at Yorktown, Virginia. Our stamp has the designation of South Bound Brook, NJ as it was on one of the routes documented for this historic march.

Plan to come in during our open houses, special events, or call for a tour by appointment to add these cancellations to your books.

For more information about this program, go to the National Park Service Passport Programs page.