Welcome to The Abraham Staats House.

The Abraham Staats House, South Bound Brook, New Jersey - BrochureLearn about the fascinating history of The Abraham Staats House, family, household, and more. Download and print our brochure (PDF), which includes location and driving directions.

Planning Your Visit: The Friends of Abraham Staats House
and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

The Friends of Abraham Staats House, Inc. (FASH) will comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which prohibits discrimination in the provision of programs, services or activities to individuals with disabilities. We are committed to providing a satisfying, educational and worthwhile experience for all visitors.

If you are planning a visit and/or would like additional information or have questions about the Friends of Abraham Staats House, Inc. and ADA compliancy, please contact the Executive Director/ADA Coordinator, Kathryn Ormosi, at (732) 369-5383.

Entering the site and historic home:

Tour of The Abraham Staats House - Battle of Bound Brook 2017Entering the site through von Steuben Lane, there are handicapped accessible parking spots, one van-accessible at the end of the walkway that leads into the public entrance of the facility.

The public entrance is ADA compliant. A portable ramp is available to access the public rooms on the main floor. Our main entrance sign-in reception area is staffed by a volunteer at events to assist with any questions and provide information to our patrons.

A photo album of the “Old Kitchen” and upstairs area provides information about these rooms, which have limited accessibility.


Our first-floor unisex restroom has an ADA compliant door – the room is wide enough for a wheelchair but there is not enough room for a wheel chair to turn around.


Seating at FASH programs is not “fixed” and can be easily configured to accommodate disability needs, including seating a companion next to a disabled person during an event.

Battle of Bound Brook 2015Gift Shop

The FASH maintains a small gift shop display and provides a volunteer member to assist patrons interested in items in the gift shop. Our glass front display cabinets offer an open view of items for sale, and the book shelf is a lower height so that the contents are visible from a wheelchair.

Program Information

The FASH offers online reservations through our website, and through Eventbrite for primary events. We also provide information and take reservations over the phone and by email.

The FASH provides large print versions of event programs and other informative print materials.


In the event of an emergency during an event, the on-site members of the Friends of Abraham Staats House are prepared to take the proper steps to keep all of our visitors safe, including any necessary evacuation of the house should it be required.

Our FASH volunteer members are always available at our events and activities to assist our visitors to ensure that your experience is as full and enjoyable as possible!

Please provide 2-weeks advance notification for accessibility and assistive services.